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Wrath v2.3.1

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Wrath v2.3.1 - Guide your fighter ship using the accelerometer or have the ship follow your finger as you touch the screen. Options allow you to tune your controls. Fly over power-ups to change your firing from single mode to dual, tri, quad or even rapid fire. When the enemy drones start to gain the upper hand, use your smart bomb by clicking the screen!

Wrath for BlackBerry

Now you can use your own music for the sound track! Just create a playlist using the BlackBerry Media player and Wrath will use this for the game music.

Game is very straightforward, just start playing.

- 6 Different enemy drones.
- 3 Boss fights.
- 7 Power-ups.
- Ship control uses accelerometer or touch screen.
- BlackBerry Media player playlists for sound track.
- High score.
- Submit high score to internet.
- Music & sound effects at the same time.
- Save and resume between shut down and reboots.

Wrath v2.3.1

Wrath v2.3.1 for BlackBerry

Version: 2.3.1
File Size: 522 KB
Required: BlackBerry Device with OS 5.0.0 and OS 6.0.0

Download Wrath v2.3.1
OS 5.0
OS 6.0

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