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Zombitsu v1.2.0 (Unlimited Money) APK

Play the role of Hiro, the last remaining ninja and practitioner of Zombitsu, who is on a mission to save the remnants of his land from the clutches of the evil Lord Nakotami and his undead warriors.In this console inspired arcade game you combat zombies with your wits, ninja skills and katana while exploring an ever changing 3d runner environment. But you will need more than just your katana to survive Zombitsu!

Key Game Features:
• EXPERIENCE being a deadly Ninja
• EXPLORE open levels
• JUMP to secret locations
• COLLECT awesome power ups
• COMBAT zombies with arcade style combo moves

Play Zombitsu, the 3d combat runner!

Warning: Zombitsu requires lightning fast reflexes and a powerful device! For best zombie slaying results we recommend at least 512mb of ram and a dual core processor.

 Download Instructions:


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