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LEGO Galaxy Squad Bug Battle v2.0 for iPhone/iPad

LEGO Galaxy Squad Bug Battle v2.0 - Alien bugs are taking over the galaxy! Help the LEGO® Galaxy Squad squash the bugs and save humans!

LEGO Galaxy Squad Bug Battle

The alien bug scourge is well underway. The Hive Army has captured countless planets and wrapped defenseless humans in sticky cocoons. This has got to stop!
Cue the Galaxy Squad. This high-tech elite LEGO® fighting team is up for the challenge. Can you help the top-tier LEGO crew beat the bugs?

Start each mission at the Galaxy Map and choose which planet to defend. Then, pick the Galaxy Squad team that’s right for that battle. You can modify vehicles with special weapons, defense systems and new technologies. Discover new mods in the Hive Room on each planet!

Each Galaxy Squad mission has 4 phases: Survive the mission and rack up points. Earn achievements and save the galaxy!

• Battle bugs in the air or on the ground with Combined Mode vehicles
• Go into Split Mode and choose the vehicle you want to control
• Avoid detection in the alien Bug Cave
• Battle Big Bugs that are protecting the Hive Room
• Save humans from alien-spun cocoons and unlock upgrades

Tap the screen to make your Galaxy Squad vehicle move up. Release your finger to make your vehicle go down. Automatic gunfire will shoot down aliens while you maneuver obstacles and avoid enemy fire.

LEGO Galaxy Squad Bug Battle v2.0

LEGO Galaxy Squad Bug Battle v2.0 for iPhone/iPad

What's New in Version 2.0
-Unlock 2 new planets, Selva I and Selva II: the Bug Hive!
-Take charge of 4 new Galaxy Squad Hero ships including the Galactic Titan.
-Unlock 2 new achievements.
-Fight against 3 new enemies and the new Hive Crawler Boss.

Version: 2.0
Size: 49.6 MB
Required: iOS 5.1 or later

Download LEGO Galaxy Squad Bug Battle v2.0 for iPhone/iPad

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