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Keep Fishin v1.0 (Unlimited Gold) APK

Meet Sniffles the Cat, with his trusty Fishatron9000 boat he is out to catch some juicy Fish. But be careful, his Cranky boss Mr.Fin will fire him the moment Poor Sniffles makes a mistake.
Don't worry though, take a rest at Sniffles House and buy him wonderful new upgrades and then get back to work. Mr.Fin fires so many he always forgets who he fires. Save enough money and move Sniffles into an even better house with even more stuff to buy!
The awesome new game will amaze and thrill you. Download it now and enjoy these jaw dropping features!
★★★ Game Features★★★
✓ It's so cute, makes you want to hug Sniffles!
✓ Easy to play, but it will quickly test your reflexes
✓ Explore 4 unique settings like the Egyptian Pyramids and the African Savannah
✓ Leader board for you and your friends
✓ See Sniffles happy or sad depending on how you take care of him
✓ 4 unique houses and tons of stuff to furnish Sniffles house with
✓ The fun never dies - infinite levels, play as long as you want!
✓ Collect free milk every few hours and spend it to cheat your way out of getting fired
✓ Take care of Sniffles by improving his house and furniture

Download Instructions:
http://rapidgator.net/file/4f67effa42cb ... d.apk.html
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