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Trailin' Travis v2 APK

You are T. Mills, thrillionaire playboy and heart throb from Riverside, California. You've got a performance to put on but you've got a hoard of rabid fan-girls chasing you all the way! Escape them by sliding under, jumping over and dodging various dangerous obstacles. Make sure to collect all the money you can along your route to upgrade the various power-ups including the money vacuum to suck up everything in sight, the money bag to double your cash, and the infamous brownie for high-flying action!
See how you stack up against other players, GameChanger staff, and even T. Mills himself by checking out the leaderboard! You can also win fantastic prizes including exclusive GameChanger and T. Mills merchandise.
-Starring T. Mills!
-Escape the love struck fan girls in a daring dash through city streets!
-High-paced sliding, jumping, and dodging action!
-Tons of upgrades and power-ups to hit the highest scores!
-Includes original music and sounds by T. Mills himself!
-Unlock alternate costumes!
-Earn GameChange every time you play to redeem for real life prizes!

Download Instructions:

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