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Hack FIFA 13 (without jailbreak) iPhone/Ipad/Ipod

Make sure you have FIFA 13 installed on your iPhone/Ipad/Ipod. Make sure it is not open during this process.

  • Download IFunBox. http://www.i-funbox.com  
  • Download this modded file and put on your desktop for easy access. IN HERE
  • Open IFunBox on your computer and connect your device via USB. Click your device and click applications. 
  • Click on FIFA 13
  • Click Documents (Copy and save your old save file if you want to revert back to your progress before the hack.)
  • Put the hacked file in the Documents folder.
  • Then drag the files you downloaded into the area you are in on IFunBox.
  • Click Refresh a couple times and open FIFA 13 on your device.
  • Your will have Unlimited Money / Coins.
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