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World Of Aircraft v1.1.0 for iPhone/iPad

World Of Aircraft v1.1.0 -Tired of the "Who's missile is faster?" type of air combat game?
Want something new?
Try World of Aircraft today!

World Of Aircraft

-No unbalanced weapons, no redundant radar system, no useless environments
-Three different weapon systems make your enemies fear YOU, no matter if it's a long distance battle or an in-your-face dogfight
-New enemy marking system instead of a radar make sure you can focus on taking down the enemy!

-----HD GRAPHICS-----
-After seeing the screenshots, we know you are surprised and we are proud of it too!
-Bump mapping, specular mapping, reflection mapping, God rays, particle effects, and more!
-Next-gen graphical techniques were used to make WoA truly come to life
-Spectacular explosion effects truly immerse you in the action!

-Enjoy multiplayer with the same stunning graphics!
-Take down your friends in a 1v1 match-up or destroy the competition in a team battle!

-----28 AIRCRAFT-----
Aircraft junkie? We've got you covered.
There are 28 totally different WWII aircraft- all based on the ones that took to the skies in the 1940s and beyond!

-A unique upgrade system ensures you have the best plane online!
-Random upgrades each time ensure a different result with every plane

Need some practice before taking on multiplayer?
Then take down some AI controlled opponents for cash and medals to unlock even more aircraft to dominate with in multiplayer

This is an universal app so you can play on any iOS device you want.
When you sign in with same account and continue your progress anytime, anywhere*!

*An Internet connection is required

World Of Aircraft v1.1.0

World Of Aircraft v1.1.0 for iPhone/iPad

What's New in Version 1.1.0
- Big improvement for network!
We have rewrite our network part,network should be more stable now.
Multiplayer have never been so good!

Version: 1.1.0
Size: 109 MB
Required: iOS 5.1 or later

Download World Of Aircraft v1.1.0 for iPhone/iPad

App Store
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