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The Tribloos 2 v2.1 APK

****** The highly anticipated mobile version of the hit time management game
The Tribloos 2 ********
Trey and the gang return with an exciting new story!
Terrible storms are approaching and Matilda, Trey’s Dragon friend, is
getting very tired of blowing them away each time. Trey and his friends
Brainy and Tuff decide to do something about it and go on a journey to find
out who’s behind these storms once and for all.
You’ll travel far away from Tribloo Island, visiting exotic new locations,
above the clouds, beneath the oceans and also get to pilot a Tribloo
Airship! Uncover the mystery of strange devices left over from an ancient
civilization and save your home.
Tribloos 2 features 75 brand new campaign levels, 5 completely different
bonus levels and if you’re bonkers for building you’ll love the 15
additional challenge levels!
Time Management Mayhem at its best!
***** Reviews for The Tribloos 2 (PC Version) *****
IndieStatik - It’s like they know all of my weaknesses, brewed them in a pot
and when dipping the prongs in they pulled out these two games. And the
stupid thing is I like them.
Gamezebo - Tribloos 2 is a refreshing change of pace for time management fans.
JayIsGames - The Tribloos 2 is a casual simulation game done right. By
dropping the well-tread overhead perspective and focusing on a few refined
gameplay elements, it sticks to the basics and does them very, very well.
AllAboutCasualGame - The Trbiloos 2 is a cute, entertaining and unique
family-fun Time Management/Builder game - there is nothing to complain
about. Do not be mistaken and look at it as another kiddie arcade-type game
because the game is worth far more than that, try it and you will be in love
with The Tribloos!!!
CasualGameGuides - I was more than pleasantly surprised to discover the
intricate and totally unique time management play that is Tribloos 2.
ScottishGeeks - Do not let the simple tutorial levels put you off playing
this game. Persevere and you will find an oddly addictive, strangely
compelling title that you will come back to again and again.
***** Features and stuff *****
Here are a few things that we think are cool about The Tribloos 2
a. 75 Campaign Levels
b. 5 Unique Bonus Levels
c. 15 Challenge Levels
d. Over 20 minutes of original music!
e. Amazing painted artwork by talented game artist veteran John Dunn
***** 5 Reasons why you should get The Tribloos 2:*****
1 - You don't need to play the first ONE to play this one (trust me, it's
much better looking!)
2 - It was made by TWO (point five) country bumpkins in England
3 - The Tribloos 2 will make you THREE times more intelligent *
4 - FOUR Point Five stars (out of Five) is the average rating by review
sites (for the PC version anyway)
5 - If you don't believe us check out the FIVE review quotes at the bottom
of the description!
* - we lied about number three. But it does help teach the awesome "science"
of critical path management!

Download Instructions:

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