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Animal's Jewel v1.0.3 Mod (Unlimited Diamond) APK

The 7th title of SummerTimeStudio!
Enjoy this world of cute animals brought to you by an Okinawan smartphone game developer company.
This is a defense game that both children and grownups can enjoy together.
This is a slow pace game, so take your time to calmly think and arrange the animals in a good position - let's protect the jewels that are so important to them!

This is a very beautiful world where various animals live peacefully.
Here, there were some "jewels" that the animals have long cherished as this world's guardian deities.
These "jewels" have always given the animals the strength to live, and have maintained the order of nature, thus protecting this beautiful world.
However, invaders suddenly appeared in their calm days.
"Aliens" from another planet, out of this world!
The animals who live in this world decided to join their forces together to face this danger!
You are now in charge of protecting this world and the "jewels" from the aliens, and arranging the various animals from this world in position, so they will regain the days when they could live in peace!

●The cute animals rage through the whole screen!
There are 17 types of different animals in total!
●Each animal has a different personality: some of them attack involving others around them, helping their allies, making enemies sleep, etc!
Make good use of them according to the aliens that appear at each stage!
●All 4 different stages where the animals live are full of their own peculiarities!
Enjoy this aspect of this world too!
●Since the game progresses at a slow pace, you can take your time to calm down and think, and enjoy the game while watching the animals fight!
(There is also a function to speed up the course of the game, so you can play at your own pace!)
●Let's release all the animals, by gathering special apples!
You will receive special apples every time you clear a stage, depending on the difficulty level!
Let's collect them to get stronger your friends!
●Two kinds of strategies!
The enemies take the "jewels" back to their cave with them, so in almost every stage they come and go the same way! This means you have two chances to attack them, when they are coming or going back!
An important point to take into account when arranging the animals is to grasp the alien's route - that way you can find the right position to attack them at a corner of the path or even at two paths at the same time!

【Recommended model】
AndroidOS 4.2 or higher
GalaxyS2 or higher

Download Instructions:


This game have been modified to be Unlimited Diamond 99999999

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