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Trigger City v1.0 for iPhone

Trigger City v1.0 - When a vicious gangster upends the city's underworld, a low level enforcer with a price on his head must fight his way through the mean streets of Trigger City on a bloody quest for revenge.

Trigger City for iPhone

► Punch, kick, pummel, bash, maim, stab, and shoot your way across the city in 16 carnage-filled levels.
►  Fight your way through 5 unique gangs, each with their own combat style, and a blood thirsty leader calling the shots.
►  Unleash bone-crunching special moves to reduce your enemies to heaping puddles of gore.
►  Cash in on your corpses at the Shady Dealer, where you can buy an array of illegal goods, like the… well, we can't really talk about that here... Meet me out back.
► Speed through the streets of Trigger City on the back of a hair-raising motorcycle. Helmet laws will be the least of your worries…
► Want to spend your hard earned earth dollars on power ups and in-game currency? Too bad! No in-app purchases here, you bought the game, you get the WHOLE game!

Trigger City v1.0

Trigger City v1.0 for iPhone

Version: 1.0
Size: 16.9 MB
Required: iOS 4.3 or later

Download Trigger City v1.0 for iPhone
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