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Blackflip pro 1.008 APK

Pro Version - contains 11,500 puzzles, 5 songs, playable offline, completely ad-free!
The aim of blackflip is to remove all tokens from the board.
This is done by changing the color of the tokens. Once all tokens
in a ROW have the same color they will be removed.
Always keep in mind that it is not mandatory to change ALL
tokens on the board to the same color. It is only important that
all tokens in a ROW are either black or white.
To change the color of the tokens you have to draw a path over
the board. You can also use the grey border around the board.
Your path cannot intersect itself, nor it can be diagonal,
When you are done drawing the path press the FLIP button
underneath the board. After that your path will be traced and
all tokens underneath this path will change their color to
the opposite.

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