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A Zombie Stole my Toaster 1.0.30 APK

The zombies are coming! But wait, this time they don't want brains, looks like they just want to steal your... stuff.
The zombies invaded your house, you are surrounded but it's not a problem. Use your finger to guide our hero to the zombies and destroy as many as you can. Kick and punch the zombies as they try to snatch your precious belongings.
The zombies are not incredibly smart and will try to leave from the same place they entered the level. Sometimes its better to let the zombies carry your stuff to a safer place before you destroy them, again and again and again...
How long can protect your possessions before you are overwhelmed by the zombie horde?

Terima Membuat Sepatu Wanita Satuan
Anni (PIN BB 233FD7A2,HP/Whatsapp/Line 081572985289)
Mey Yung (PIN BB 32A6E0BD,HP 02295555022). 
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