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Run For Your Life! v1.0.158. APK

Run For Your Life! v1.0.158
Requirements: Android 4.0+
Overview: 2D Emotion’s debut app sees four helpless holiday makers run for their lives as the apocalypse descends upon the Paradise Island of Yo’Ma.

* Tilt your way to survival on beautifully crafted retro levels with original chiptune music.

* Use your wits and reflexes as you escape stage-unique obstacles and for the biggest challenge of your life, the Big Bosses!

* But don’t fret; there will be power-ups along the way to aid you in your mission, but be perceptive as they could be a miracle or a nightmare.

So be astute, be tactical and forget your sun-tan lotion and sandals, as death is out to get you and it’s down to you to escape his cold embrace!

What's in this version:
** 50% discount through the month of March only **

Download Instructions:

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