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Babylonian Twins Premium HD v1.5.0 APK

Babylonian Twins Premium HD v1.5.0
Requirements: Android device
Operating System: Android 2.3 and up
Overview: Think your way through ancient Iraq in one of the most challenging puzzle platformers on Android. This critically acclaimed and award winning game is the first made-in-Iraq game, built originally for the Amiga in the 90s and brought to your mobile device by the same team.

Release info: Cosmos is to lazy to patch the premium version for people who bought it. Because of this i did some little homework today and patched it my self to the premium version (for people who can't wait). I even added the new icons that cosmos made available for Windows Phone and iPhone users

Didn't expect this Cosmos ? Guess i found another way to piss you off! troll_face

More Info: Don't ask it's free

Download Links/Instructions: Install apk file and play!

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