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Mystery Stories: Mountains of Madness v1.0.86.0 APK

Mystery Stories: Mountains of Madness v1.0.86.0
Requirements: Android device
Operating System: Android 2.3 and up
Overview: Antarctica, 1931: A polar researcher and her associate travel to a remote scientific base only to find out that the expedition team is dead. One scientist remains missing and to find him they trek to the other side of the mountains. There, they discover what seems to bring all previous beliefs into question: A fallen thousand-year-old city, its monumental structures and epic secrets frozen in eternal ice. Who or what built this place? Is it the creation of an unknown primitive people? Ancient Spirits? Or worse?

Release Info:
1. Download the free version from the market to get the data file(s) (see more info link)
2. Rename the data folder located @ sdcard/android/obb/com.cerasus.mountainsofmadness
3. Delete the free version
4. Rename the data folder back to it's original name
5. Install the cracked apk file
6. In the main menu click ''Unlock Now''
7. Click in the next menu ''Unlock Now'', play store opens (either wait for a error message or press the back button)
8. Enjoy the full game!

Download Links/Instructions: Read the release info and enjoy the game.

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