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Grand Piano Pro v2.0.5 APK

Grand Piano Pro v2.0.5
Requirements: Android 2.2+
Overview: Your Virtual Concert Grand Piano
Grand Piano is a 88 key keyboard with 7 high quality instruments:

Grand Piano is a 88 key keyboard with 7 high quality instruments:

✓ WST Grand (a grand piano based on Warren Trachtman's piano samples)
✓ Bright Grand
✓ Legend EPiano
✓ Rhodes EPiano
✓ Rock Organ
✓ Honky Tonk Piano
✓ Harpsichord

✓ low latency audio on Galaxy Nexus with Jelly Beans!
✓ 6 new instruments + improved Grand Piano sampleset

You can download demo recordings and a trial version from http://www.refined-apps.com/grand-piano

If you have questions, remarks or suggestions, mail us at support@refined-apps.com.

We also offer a pipe organ (Opus #1) and a synthesizer keyboard app (Keyboard Sounds). For details, see refined-apps.com.

-- Differences to other instrument apps ----------

✓ Low latency audio

Low latency audio is a weak spot of Android (see http://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=3434). On the Galaxy Nexus with Android 4.1/Jelly Bean, low latency audio is finally possible. Grand Piano is one of the very few apps already supporting this!

✓ High quality samples

Grand Piano #1 comes with high quality samples for all contained instruments.

✓ Support for external keyboards and expanders

On devices with Android >= 3.1 and USB host support (e.g. Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 7, Acer A500, Asus TF101, ...) you can connect an external keyboard or midi expander. You can play Grand Piano from your external keyboard or play an external sound generator from Grand Piano.

✓ Midi file player included

The included midi player works with any standard midi file stored on your android device. You can output the midi events via Midi/USB (if your device supports it; see above)

-- Features --------

✓ Support for low latency audio on Galaxy Nexus with Jelly Beans (automatically enabled if OpenSL is activated in the apps settings)
✓ 7 instruments with high quality samples
✓ Midi In&Out via USB on devices that support USB-Host (e.g. Asus TF101, Acer A500, Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 7, ...) for Standard Midi/USB devices (i.e. devices that do not need a driver on Windows/Mac)
✓ Includes a midi file player
✓ 53 classical midi files included
✓ Up to 512 notes simultaneously
✓ 88 key scrollable keyboard
✓ Settings for the number of displayed keys, optional vibrate on touch, ...
✓ Multitouch only limited by your device
✓ Note Velocity
✓ Sustain, pitch bend etc. via midi
✓ Runs on android >= 2.2, phones and tablets
✓ No ads

-- Usage Tips / Hardware requirements --------

✓ Needs ca. 41 MB on your sdcard for the samples
✓ Use headphones / external speakers for better sound
✓ For the best sound, the device should have at least a 1GHz single core processor

---- Pro-Features ------------

Grand Piano Pro provides all the features of the Free version plus:

✓ 7 instruments instead of 2
✓ Midi via USB
✓ Midi player
✓ 53 classical midi files
✓ No ads

What's in this version:
V 2.0.5
+ Bugfix for Android 4.1.x
+ Bugfix: Unable to resume activity / Unable to instantiate activity
+ Support for mips and x86 platforms
+ Infrastructure updates
+ Workaround for problems loading OpenSLES library on some devices (typically rockchip/Android 2.3.1)
+ Uses native sample rate on fast devices (e.g. 48000 Hz instead of 44100 Hz on some devices)

This app has NO advertisements

Download Instructions:

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