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★무한의 탐정★ 추리게임대작 (Infinite Detective) v1.0.7 APK

★무한의 탐정★ 추리게임대작 (Infinite Detective) v1.0.7
Requirements: Varies with device
Overview: Infinite detective mystery adventure "★ ★ authentic ★ ★
murder tricks try to identify the culprit and solve the need you sober observation and imagination.
solve the case. You will suddenly have to go to the truth.

■ gaming ■
endless detective objective of the game is to find the culprit and solve the murder trick the user is the protagonist (detective).
suspect's statements and the evidence obtained from the scene closely look at.
clear error exists somewhere, suspect that it pursued in the truth. hypothesis can
■ Synopsis ■
elite detective Lee Hyun CSI belonging to Kim,
both unknown. promise for the future between lovers. Their happy days I thought it'd be forever
until she disappeared behind closed doors at the murder scene for clues in the disappearance solve the case while
Lee Hyun .. she lost in order to find traces in a dark place to start detective work.
one by one and eventually find amazing is faced with the truth.
■ ■
By default episodes and eight episodes, the episode consists of several chapters
more episodes. (Free update)
■ gaming elements

culprit scene navigation trail is laid Leave a
scene carefully salpyeoseo secure evidence can be. interrogate
suspects interrogated
suspects, depending on your situation can be interrogated [keyword] [interrogation] into two.
suspect pointing incident must find the weakness of the accused

navigation and information literacy questioning to obtain information through
a combination of information may find errors or information between relevance through
the culprit
is the last step in solving the
murder trick revealed . can be questioned, pointing to the culprit being reaches a certain stage

What's in this version:
■ Some partial pay - payment can not be part of the terminal has been modified a
new episode has been added.
Episode12 game live to die FINAL
after missing updates running play more episodes from a particular terminal phenomena of tinggim modifying
■ android jelly bean (4.1 ) fully supported

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