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Ikaruga v12.10.04 APK

Ikaruga v12.10.04 Requirements: Android 2.1+ Overview: Acclaimed arcade game, "Ikaruga" is very popular, even armed with the operating mode of the unique smartphone Xbox LIVE ARCADE, appeared to Android at last! Sumahogemu transcendence in beautiful 3D shooter, unprecedented finished! ! Absorption, while avoiding a barrage of enemy, Break open the way to the end endless wars with the release of power! ※ how to do this can be changed by setting "CONTROL" in the "OPTION" in the game. You can find a detailed description in the "HELP" also. ■ STORY Human desire to be free, "angle" Heaven organizations there was a fight against Horai (tittle). Use the fighter known as "liquid iron fly" and they (Hitekkai), which had been fighting the Horai, gradually lost its force, annihilated. However, there was a young man who miraculously survive in it. "Shinra" called (Shilla) its name. While going toward the Horai in Single again, tragically shot down, Shinra, and crashed to the remote village. Referred to as the "village of Ikaruga" village, the toll of thought in the elect, abandoned village of old people from the world, was a mountain commonly called granny dumping. Shinra is survived with the help of old people, including the "old man style defense" elder. Eventually, Shinra was complete recovery, the old man told us that the challenge to Horai again. Shinra trying to journey without even armed, old people was entrusted to the "Ikaruga" lump iron Fly has created in their obstinacy. Now, ushered in a fierce battle of Ikaruga ※ G to enjoy a comfortable game, please clean the memory state to the restart of the terminal. ※ Free Member registration is required for G game is to play the game. Also, to free games from major game, GMO game center "G game", the game introduces famous GAME full application. Since the examination is performed, you can enjoy without having to worry about viruses, adult, porn, erotic, etc., of harmful content. Download Instructions: http://turbobit.net/p5a6o6x36fdh.html http://rapidgator.net/file/64624276/ http://uploaded.net/file/0fbzkej4 Instructions(Root and Internet Connection Needed): 1.Install apk and don't run it 2.Open Lucky Patcher,select game-remove license-auto mode 3.Launch game,it will bring you to Ggee website,press back to skip it,then it will ask again to register,press back again to skip it as well. 4.Game will download 278MB sd data 5.Wait for 5 minutes for game to install sd data 6.Quit the game,uninstall Lucky Patcher,fire up the game again,enjoy!

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