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Block Story v4.4.2 (Full) APK

Block Story v4.4.2 (Full)
Requirements: Android 2.0.1+
Overview: What, stone by stone, build your house.

Build anything you can imagine, fight monsters, become stronger, or explore a beautiful and infinite world.
* Infinite world even up and down
* 25 Quests, that give you objectives and hours of fun
* Leveling up, and skill points to improve your character
* Beautiful terrain generation with Hell, biomes, floating islands, forgotten sky, underground world and coral reefs.
* Torches you can make and carry to light your way through caves
* Equipment you can wear like "My Precious" (a powerful ring), and flippers (to swim faster)
* Crafting
* Many weapons, like swords, magic, shields, guns, bow and arrow
* 87 realistic mobs, from lizards to dragons, from clownfish to giant sharks.
* Beautiful graphics, with colored lights, epic night sky, and bumped terrain
* 4 control modes, 1 joystick, 2 joystick, accelerometer and d-pad.
* Vehicles like cars and boats for your long trips (more coming).
* Frequent updates, roughly 1 per week.

What's in this version:
V 4.4.2
* Fix inventory so it does not lose items
* Added option to invert Y axis
* Fixed a few typos in quests and recipes
* Workbench can now be crafted with any wood
For full change log please visit:

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