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Opus #1 Pro - The Pipe Organ v2.0.1

Opus #1 Pro - The Pipe Organ v2.0.1
Requirements: Android 2.2+
Overview: Opus #1 uses samples from a real church organ (coming from http://www.jeuxdorgues.com) for a great realistic sound.

Opus #1 - The Pipe Organ

Opus #1 uses samples from a real church organ (coming from http://www.jeuxdorgues.com) for a great realistic sound.

- low latency audio on Galaxy Nexus with Jelly Beans!
- 15 stops, manual + pedal

You can download demo recordings and a trial version from http://www.refined-apps.com/opus-1

If you have questions, remarks or suggestions, mail us under support@refined-apps.com.

We also offer a version containing the full Stiehr-Mockers organ with 2 manuals + pedal ("Opus #1 Console"), a piano ("Grand Piano") and a synthesizer keyboard app ("Keyboard Sounds"). For details, see refined-apps.com.

-- Differences to other instrument apps ----------

✓ Low latency audio

Low latency audio is a weak spot of Android (see http://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=3434). On the Galaxy Nexus with Android 4.1/Jelly Bean, low latency audio is finally possible. Opus #1 is one of the very few apps already supporting this!

✓ High quality samples

Opus #1 comes with high quality samples for all contained stops.

✓ Support for external keyboards and expanders

On devices with Android >= 3.1 and USB host support (e.g. Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 7, Acer A500, Asus TF101, ...) you can connect an external keyboard or midi expander. You can play Opus #1 from your external keyboard, organ midi console or play an external sound generator from Opus #1.

✓ Midi file player included

The included midi player works with any standard midi file stored on your android device. You can output the midi events via Midi/USB (if your device supports it; see above)

-- Features --------

✓ Support for low latency audio on Galaxy Nexus with Jelly Beans (automatically enabled if OpenSL is activated in the apps settings)
✓ 15 different organ ranks sampled from a real church organ (coming from http://www.jeuxdorgues.com)
✓ 5 predefined combinations
✓ Midi In&Out via USB on devices that support USB-Host (e.g. Asus TF101, Acer A500, Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 7, ...) for Standard Midi/USB devices (i.e. devices that do not need a driver on Windows/Mac)
✓ A registration view to easily switch registers while playing on an organ console
✓ Includes a midi file player
✓ The ranks can be played together like on a real organ; up to 512 pipes simultaneously
✓ 4 1/2 octave keyboard range and C2-D4 pedal range just like the original organ
✓ Multitouch only limited by your device
✓ Scrollable on-screen keyboard
✓ Settings for the number of displayed keys, optional vibrate on touch, ...
✓ Runs on android >= 2.2, phones and tablets
✓ No ads

-- Usage Tips / Hardware requirements --------

✓ Needs ca. 15.7 MB on your sdcard for the organ samples
✓ Use headphones / external speakers for better sound; phones speakers are not made for organs
✓ For the best sound, the device should have at least a 1GHz single core processor

---- Free vs. Pro vs. Console ------------

Opus #1 Pro provides all the features of the Free version plus:

✓ 15 stops instead of 9
✓ Manual + pedal
✓ Registration view
✓ Midi via USB
✓ Midi player
✓ No ads

Opus #1 Console adds to the pro version:

✓ 21 stops (the full organ) instead of 15
✓ 2 manuals + pedal

This app has NO advertisements

Download Instructions:


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