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Kid Entertainer Pro v1.2

Kid Entertainer Pro v1.2
Requirements: Android 2.2+
Overview: Kid Entertainer Pro app offers all the Entertainment videos needed for a Kid to Enjoy on Long drive and Home !!

★★★Please Upgrade the app, Video list not showing issue resolved ★★★

Kid Entertainer Pro app offers all the Entertainment videos needed for a Kid to Enjoy on Long drive and Home !!

-- Intended for:
Kids ages 2-7

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Key Features: - It has Collection of all top cartoon videos from youtube.
- Best Part of the app is GUI, which is very easy for a kid to access. - It has collection few big Channels, wherein new videos gets added evryday.
- There are more things to explore in this app.. Try it out Now. We have developed this app to entertain kids,
- This App was inspired by seeing my son searching for catoon video on youtube and watching them.
- We wanted to create a SAFE and convenient app for our children to enjoy during the long car rides.
- UI is very simple, easy to use and supported for Tablets.
- This App provides entertainment for kids
Top Cartoon Videos categorized are: - Tom and Jerry - Mickey Mouse - Bug Bunny - Looney Toons - Donald and many more.

-- Why Internet connectivity permissions?
Ans: The app fetches the videos from server and hence we need to have these permissions in the app.

-- How much internet data will be used?
Ans: The data usage depends on the number of videos watched, please ensure that you have a good internet connectivity plan, or a good wifi plan.

-- How will my kid get the smiles?
Ans: Basically kids having tight schedules back in school and other courses this app shall provide a fresh entertainment. This app is designed to entertain kids from the busy schedule that they have

-- What mytinytoys apps have more in store?
We provide more apps interms of:
a) Games -- these games shall enhance the kids memory and also enhance their creativity.
b) Learning -- we have more apps that will help kids learn ABCD, numbers, basic sciences,
c) Paint -- Painting is always a different experience for kids for creativity so we have grouped kids learning through painting and also learn about shapes, animals birds etc.

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Download Instructions:

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