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Grumble&Piccolo's FishingTrip! v1.0

Grumble&Piccolo's FishingTrip! v1.0
Requirements: Android 2.0.1+
Overview: Grumble & Piccolo's Fishing Trip is a tactical match 3 game.
Grumble & Piccolo are a pair of tiny Chinstrap Penguins who captain a small boat exploring the world’s fishing grounds. Each day they must catch enough fish to satisfy the appetite of a variety of oddball customers ranging from a lazy Pelican to a psychotic Killer Whale.

As the customers get larger so do their appetite and the duo must sail to distant and dangerous sea-mined fishing grounds to satisfy their hunger.

They may look cute but these penguins are lethal fishing machines who have invented a variety of fishing gadgets in order to even up the odds. Help the duo haul the fish aboard the good ship Titan and get back safely before the sun sets!

Help the penguin duo land enough fish - Keep their customers happy to progress
Humorous story moments and detailed graphics - Brings the underwater adventure to life
Swipe, point and splash through increasingly challenging scenarios - Simple play mechanics but challenging to master
Familiar match-3 play mechanics but with new power-up placement - Match 3 fans will pick up quick but new tactics to learn
4 stylish and varied play environments ranging from Florida to Japan - Varying challenges on each level

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