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Bubble Defense 2 v2.05

Bubble Defense 2 v2.05
Requirements: Android 1.5+
Overview: Addicted tower defense players beware, Bubble Defense has evolved. With 13 maps and six tower types--two towers are brand spanking new--Bubble Defense 2 is a bigger, more challenging version of its predecessor.

Bubble Defense
Plan and implement your tower strategies and prepare for the bubbles' wrath. Like the previous version, Bubble Defense 2 is a tower defense game that allows you to strategically destroy waves of bubble cretins at various difficulty levels. Bubble Defense 2 employs these new functions sure to challenge and entertain you:

New power towers are required for all other towers to shoot
7 new levels (13 total) guarantee new user experience and challenges
Flying towers provide an effective way to destroy hordes of evil bubbles

Get ready for bubble invasion
Tower of Power
Each time a new tower is added, ensure a power tower is in range; add one if necessary. Select towers according to bubble types present. You will need to spend the greenbacks to win. Disappointed in your tower? Sell back at anytime for a discounted rebate.

The enemy comes in various bubble types. Expect to see yellow and orange speed bubbles, bubbles that multiply when popped, and so on as you progress. Click on the fast forward button to quicken the wave of bubbles if you're looking for a challenge.

Switch up towers according to bubble types as some towers are more effective at popping certain bubbles than others. Place towers at strategic points on the maps to guarantee optimal pops. Need to pull out the big guns? Use the flying towers to destroy hordes of evil bubbles easily and effortlessly.

Make Waves
Even though Bubble Defense 2 is soundless, the game is certain to entertain you for hours no matter your skill level--Easy to Insane. Prepare to lose track of time as you destroy waves of bubbles and move on to new, more challenging levels. With 30 waves for each map, that grueling bus ride is bound to fly by.

Happy bubble busting!


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