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Star Wars: Superhero Return v1.10

Star Wars: Superhero Return v1.10
Requirements: 1.6+
Overview: star wars:superhero return is a challenging strategy and recreational game. Game players need a ingenious use of a variety of human soldiers and super heroes for defence and to destroy the monster lair.

In 2154 AD, Humans discover rich resources in the Galaxy K5. After sending an advance exploration team, many soldiers perish.
From this first contact life in Galaxy K5 is fierce and deadly. Next the government sent a large number of ships and spacecraft to resuce the advance team. Not knowing if any of their fellow soldiers have survived the attacts or if they have already defeated the vile monsters.
Hurry and join the battle to save humanity by destroying But whether the advance team can survive in the K5 stars live until the rescue troops arrived or not? Or they maybe already destroy the monster's lair.

Hurry by joining the fight to destroy the diabolic monsters!

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