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PSYkick Battle 1.0.0

Forget about all the soccer games you’ve played in the past! The most realistic soccer game has arrived.


Online Game
In contrast to the previous mobile kick games, PSYkick Battle is a 1:1 game that allows users to play with another player online in a realistic set-up that is reminiscent of an actual shoot-out in terms of techniques and ability to utilize the data on the opponent’s players.
Full 3D Graphics

It has the most realistic 3D graphics among the existing soccer games.
Motion Captured Animation

Users can enjoy the sense of speed as well as realistic scenes created using motion capture.
4) Unique Skills of Players

No more mechanical and simple shooting games!
Users can create their own line-up of players taking into account the unique skills of each player to get an advantage over the team they are playing against.
Team Management

Users can manage team as best as they can by changing the line-up and using game items appropriately depending on the players’ conditions that constantly fluctuate such as biorhythm and sense of game.
Psychological Battle with the Opponent

It is reminiscent of an actual shoot-out with users manipulating the goal keeper based on the data on the opponent’s kickers.
Simple yet Advanced Manipulation

Users can begin the game by touching the screen twice. But it requires accurate timing and precise control.
Winning Based on 70% Luck and 30% Skill

In this game, winning is determined on the technical factors as well as luck, similar to actual shoot-outs.
Fair Game Items

There are various game items that will allow users to make their players play at their optimal level. However, all the items were created as a means to provide an auxiliary support. Users can utilize all the skills of your players without purchasing a single game item as a way to ensure a fair game.
Edit Team

You can create your own, unique team by utilizing a wide range of editing tools.

Facebook Log-in Required

You will be able to play in the Guest Mode without having to log in, but the game information will not be saved. We recommend that you play after you log in to Facebook.
Winners of events will be notified separately via their Facebook account.

We recommend using WIFI to ensure seamless play.
Retina display support.
Multilingual support.

Required Android O/S : 2.3+


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