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mPuzzle Pro 2.4. 1

Comprehensive puzzle app with almost unlimited hours of fun
Explore 7 popular puzzles in a single app!
mPuzzle is an Andriod application with over 1 million combinations of puzzles - including different sizes and difficulty levels within each puzzle. All puzzles include Rules and some include Hints to help you with your next move.
* Sudoku - Normal, Diagonal, Irregular, Odd/Even and Greater/Lesser. 4 size options and 8 levels of difficulty
* SudokuTo - play against your phone!
* Kakuro (1-4, 1-5, 1-9, 1-12, 1-16) - 4 size options and 5 levels of difficulty
* Hitori - 4 size options and 8 levels of difficulty
* Woggle - Find the 16-letter word!
* Shuffle - 3 size options
* Fillomino - 2 size options and 4 levels of difficulty
* Calcudoku - 12 different types, 6 size options and 5 levels of difficulty
You can also add you own puzzles and solve them. For the moment these are supported, but more to come:
* Sudoku (3x3)
Please send bugs and suggestions to my email (flogvit@gmail.com), not in the Comments.
If you've solved all puzzles in a type/size and want more, let me know and I'll add more.
Keep requests coming (send to flogvit@gmail.com), and I'll do my best to implement them.
When I reach 1000 downloads, I will add a new puzzle type. When I reach 10000 I will have a poll where you users can decide which puzzle type to add. So rating the app is probably a good idea
Pro version:
* From 10 to 1000 downloadable puzzles in one go.
* No Ads
Ads version for free:
mPuzzle: https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta ... id.mPuzzle
If you want to help to translate, go to:
Facebook-group: mPuzzle

What's in this version:
* Added tutorials for all puzzles.
* More translated, join in at http://www.getlocalization.com/mPuzzle/
* Fixed problem with Woggle
* Added some translation in norwegian, french and hebrew.
* Added tutorial for hitori.
* Hopefully fixed a problem on right->left phones
* Changed note position in fake landscape mode

Consider to support the developer if you like the app!


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