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Soccer Run 2012 v1.0.0 APK

Games description: The ultimate football Fun Run!
Run with your soccer player as far as you can. Collect lots of bonuses during the run, they will make you money at the end of the run. In the shop you can buy bonuses which will help you to run the furthest. You have to be careful on your way and be aware of some traps, jump over the gaps in the stadium, avoid falling trophies and light markings.
- Collect cash that you can spend on power ups, such as fire bursts and hand gliders, to help you jump even further.
- Buy new acters, who each have their own special power ups.
- Watch out for the falling trophies!
- Beat your best score on the leader board.
Keywords: euro, championships, 2012, football, sport, action, goal, fun, game, flick, kick, coins, ball, european, tournament, humour, free, jump.

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