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Aqua Hunt HD v1.0.0

Recommended device requirements:
Requires Android : 2.1 and up

Aqua Hunt HD brings the classic arcade gaming experience to the Android portable device.
This new and exciting game allows players to experience the fun of fishing anytime and anywhere.
The controls are easy to use and understand, aptly adjusted for the Android device to make the gameplay enjoyable. This basic fishing game has more in store: exciting missions, item collection, level-up system,
boss hunts and special game modes. Take a dive into the deep blue ocean and venture into one creative and epic adventure after another. Infinite surprises and rewards await the willing adventurers.

The game has provided 4 different types of cannons that launch pulsating stunners that zap fishes. Bigger the cannons have greater chances of catching bigger fish with better coin value.
Earn more coins to upgrade your cannons. You can also accept missions such as “Catch this Fish” and “Treasure Hunting”. Collect pearls and diamonds from pearl oysters, the Daily Wheels of Fortune, Boss fishes with interesting AI and “Special Game” modes.
If you are lucky, there is a chance that players will trigger the “Poseidon’s Power” boost and you would have a chance to catch all the fish onscreen! The gameplay is to determine the different types of fish and the corresponding coin value that they each carry. Once the players have learned all these,
they can set which cannon is better for catching a certain type of fish. The game requires the players’ strategic gameplay and accuracy in locking targets.

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