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Zombie Runner Dead City

Zombie Runner Dead City is a pulse racing post apocalyptic Run n’ Jump game!
Exclusively for Android !!
What would you do when your daily commute turns into a walking nightmare? Run for the hills!! Can you escape the city by avoiding the mindless hordes of zombies.


No ads in paid version !!!!
Jump and Slide pulse raising action
Beautiful hand painted back grounds
9 horrific levels
3 difficulty settings
Easy - 5 lives and a small hit area
Normal - 3 lives
Hard - 1 life to live and a large hit area - only those with perfect timing will survive !
Planned Updates include more levels, different zombie types and perhaps a distance challenge mode.
If you experience any problems, I will do my best to resolve them for you in a timely fashion. This application has been tested on a variety of hardware. No problems were experienced but that doesn’t mean things won’t crop up.

Android 2.2 and above required !


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