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Shaolin Jump v1.0.23 (Unlocked +Ad-Free)

Android device

Operating System:
Android 1.5 and up (Tested and worked
on ICS 4.0.4)

Become the ultimate Shaolin Monk! Prepare to
enter the ancient world of Shaolin! You have been chosen for the ultimate test in strength, speed, agility and endurance.
Succeed and you will become the ultimate Shaolin Monk.
Play as a young Monk as he battles against the 4 elements of nature: Water, Wind, Fire & Earth. Players must swiftly guide their character through visually stunning worlds to rise past
dangers and unlock the hidden secrets of the Shaolin.
Acquiring super powers, such as Arcane Wave, Phoenix Wings and Shaolin Shield will help defeat enemies that may stand in your path, from giant chameleons to creeping
spiders to frenzied birds. Players can compare their scores with friends on the Game Centre, where only the strong,smart and swift top the leaderboard.


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