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Flight Simulator 3D 1.1

V1.1 update:
Flight Simulator now has BETA implementation of the following:
Jet fighter battle level with missiles.
Skybox added (until cloud system is designed)
Some GUI testing (Jet scene)
Cam lock & smooth follow control (Jet scene)
Flight Simulator 3D is a simple and fun aircraft simulation game.
Flight Simulator 3D is a simple and fun simulation game for the Android platform. Choice of aircraft includes Hercules, Falcon, Boeing 747, F11 & DC3. Fly your aircraft across 6 terrains and explore the scenery.
THE GAME IS NOT PERFECT AND LACKS FUNCTIONALITY, I’M WORKING ON IMPROVEMENTS. Updates will be released shortly. All money raised will go towards making this game better.
Game features:
- Realistic graphics.
- Landing system.
- Physics/maths based flight control.
- Unique aircraft control.
- Physics driven explosion effects.
- No in-game advertisements!
Next updates should include:
- Enemy aircraft for the fighter terrains.
- Weapon system for the fighter jet.


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