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Clowns Revolt 5


Today is a good day to be Free!
(more than point and shoot )
Mobile game breakthrough: 3 speed physics: slow normal fast.
Revolt against evil Ringmaster, Lion and Strongman to be a hero and break free from the circus.
Help clown redeem true identity and destiny.
Remove all lingering doubt related to victory by learning the right strategy, timing and cannon control to penetrate elaborate barricades and defenses.
Avoid deception designed to deplete ammunition.
Discover how to increase ammunition.


Animated obstacles: rotating, horizontal, vertical, and hanging.
Utilize heads up display to keep track of ammunition, cannon (angle / power), score, zoom, game level and options.
Realistic physics with gravity in High Definition (HD).
Become familiar with options to control speed, sound and touch sensitivity to increase accuracy of aim, or accelerate the revolt.


Your Android device has become a weapon to defeat evil and save “the lady”.

The Clown fell in love with a beautiful lady; a performer in the circus. She could see his potential and the real person behind the mask.

The lady overheard a conversation between the Ringmaster, Lion and Strongman. The Ringmaster discussed how he abducted the clown from a royal family at birth. He was proud of his dastardly deed and the exploitation of the clown.

She revealed truth to the Clown who confronted the Ringmaster and promised justice and equalization. The ringmaster ordered the Strongman to abduct the lady and tie her up in the tent.

When Clown entered tent he discovered it was a trap. The only choice: REVOLT. He grabbed the cannon, limited ammunition and started the REVOLT to rescue “the lady.”

The Ringmaster, Lion and Strongman erected elaborate barricade to block the Clown’s attempt to destroy them, hoping he would run out of ammunition.

Clowns Revolt is an outstanding environment to carry on the fight, taking advantage of innovative Box2D physics (gravity), animation, graphics, sound and effects to deliver a game experience that is unique every time you press “FIRE.”

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