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Celestial Defense 1.0.1

The year is 2185 and humans have colonized asteroids at the edge our galaxy in order to harvest their resources. Defend it against an alien invasion that has figured out a way to teleport using our own portals. Stop them before they attack the main power core and steal itsí energy. Once itís destroyed, all the resources in the mining colony will be lost. Beef up your defenses and safeguard your resources to stop the invading aliens from plundering your resources.

  • Universal app (Works on Phone and Tablets)
  • Beautiful 3d Environment
  • Fast Game Play
  • 25 unique Levels and more coming soon
  • Use strategy and speed to manage resources and towers  
  • Over 30 upgradable Defense towers to extend your gaming enjoyment 
  • 7 Different Enemy Types
  • Utilize your power generators to stock pile resources
  • Retina Display Support
  • Leaderboard & Openfeint

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