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Lord of Darkness v1.0 (1.0) Download Android Apk Game

■ Battle System – The simple way battle
: Action game with an attack that can be said of the base roll (evade) Combination of action and a strong yeonsokgi through combo system and can be used to create a variety of situations.
■ Weapon & Skill System – stylish action
: Sword, Sword, gauntlets, Bomb, GUN, and a total of 5 weapons are available for each weapon has a different attack styles and characteristics. Each weapon skill can be used by two glamorous and powerful offensive weapon for the battle to help you with the skills and skill is divided into seopoteuhyeong. Wear up to four weapons, because each stage can be used strategically.
■ Stage – 100!
: 100-story towers to escape the underground concept stage consists of a total of 100 and go up to the upper echelons, featuring more monsters, and the configuration is different, the game’s difficulty level rises. In addition, the powerful boss monsters appeared a certain stage the play is a strategic need.
■ Arena mode – endless challenges!
: Survival Arena mode type, a total of 25 waves in restricted conditions, the mode is cleared at once. Whenever a wave interval Secret cleared to acquire rewards, and that is not available in this game, there are rare items.

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