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HD Widgets 2.0.4 (v2.0) Apk Download For Phones & Tablets

HD Widgets 2.0.4 contains dozen of colorful widgets, including 2 tablet wide headers, a half page widget. Most of them display time and weather information, while the larger one shows you 5 weather forecast or utility switches. What’s the better part in HD Widgets is about how you can customize your widgets with the combination of 30 different clocks, with background, layouts and options. Some example of the 30 different clocks are LED, flip clock and honeycomb, and many more you can find once you’ve installed thisapplication. For the weather, you can choose between Accuweather service or weatherbug service. You can also set your temperature into celcius / farenheit, set the time to 12 hours format or 24 hours format, choose between 12 beautiful widgets, a dozen baclground, clock variations over to 50, 3 large tablet only widgets, and many more. HD Widgets.Apk works on Android 2.1 and higher version. Download and install HD Widgets 2.0.4 on your Phone or Tablet or Both, and customize your homescreen to make them more beautiful.

Download HD Widgets 2.0.4 .Apk Full Download Here

or HERE 

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