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Memindah Aplikasi ke SD Card, Apps 2 SD Pro 2011

This application is not used for backup applications to the SD card. Only helps to move some of the applications use the SD card space. You must manually install the application after switching to a new phone or reset.

If your application uses any of the following characteristics can not be installed in external storage. Required by the system Android.
App Widgets
Input method engines
Wallpapers live
Folder Live
Alarm services,
Account Managers,
Synchronization adapters,
Device Managers

Application shortcuts disappear from the home screen after moving applications to the SD card. It is the limitation of the Android system.

Unable to download or update applications? Android Market is problem, please read the FAQ section for more details http://android.a0soft.com/?url=App2SD.htm.

The following devices are not compatible with the App 2 SD “function:
* Tablets running Android 3.0

Users report the following devices are not compatible with the “Clear all cache” function:
* Ray HTC

We have been selected as Google I / O 2011 developer partners Sandbox, for its innovative design and advanced technology.

App 2 SD helps you get more free space on your internal storage

If you just store the application?

Do you hate having to check each and every application if it supports the move to SD card?

Want an application that automatically does it for you and can notify you when an application can be moved?

“App 2 SD” helps you to move applications to any internal or external storage through setting up your system. This application is crucial for anyone who has problems with memory management.

★ list of mobile applications
★ move applications from one or all of the SD card
★ notified if the installed mobile application
★ 1-touch to erase all application cache
★ add mobile to your ignore list
★ cache show app / data / code / total size
★ display the total size and available storage
★ list non-mobile applications
★ return to the application of internal memory
★ market opinion application
★ uninstall applications
★ Open Application
★ display the application details page
★ support “Move2SD Enabler”
★ custom notification sound, vibration and light

Aplikasi ini berfungsi untuk memindahkan file instal aplikasi android kita ke sd card / micro sd
tujuannya tentu agar space internal hp android kita, khususnya hp android low end seperti galaxy mini atau LG optimus me yang hanya memiliki space internal 140-160 mb ini tidak penuh.

sebenarnya tanpa aplikasi inipun kita dapat memindah aplikasi ke sd card, namun kekurangannya kita harus cek satu persatu aplikasi yang bisa di pindah ke memori external / sd card.

kalau belum tau caranya memindah aplikasi ke sd card secara manual, ikuti langkah-langkah berikut :

buka pengaturan-aplikasi-kelola aplikasi

nah terus pilih aplikasi-aplikasi yang ingin di pindah atau di hapus,
untuk aplikasi yang tidak bisa di pindah ke sd card, biasanya tidak ada pilihan ” pindah ke sd card”

namun sebaliknya untuk aplikasi yang dapat di pindah ke sd card, terdapat pilihan “pindah ke sd card” tinggal di klik aja opsi itu.

Note : cara di atas saya lakukan pada Samsung Galaxy Tab P1010 dan SUKSES!!. hasil akan bervariasi tergantung tipe androidnya


Download - Market


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