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Free UP Asteroid 2012 3D v1.2.0 - Android download

Version: 1.2.0
Asteroid2012 is a remake of the classic arcade shooter 'Asteroids' with a modern twist - set in full 3D you can twist, turn and shoot your way to an feint High Score !!
Deep Space and your mission is in jeopardy... Whilst flying back through gamma quadrant you find yourself lost in a vast wide reaching Asteroid belt... all alone by an abandoned space station you must clear a way through to safety and home...
well you thought you were alone...
Use your pulse cannon to smash the asteroids into smaller pieces and keep an eye out for useful power ups that could save your skin...
PlayAndroid said "Simply stunning... A truly beautiful game! The soundtrack is eerie, cinematic and atmospheric. The controls are sleek and sublime... Intuitive controls and beautiful graphics will keep you playing even before the updates arrive..."
Making use of the state of the art Unity3D engine & feint Social Gaming - Asteroid 2012 immerses you into deep space and delivers graphics of console quality
PLEASE:: Add your ratings or comments - it will give us a clearer indication of what you like and dislike about our game!
TAGS:: space, aliens, shooter, shoot em up, asteroid, arcade, classic, scifi, alien, shump, all your base

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