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Download iOnRoad Augmented Driving Android App, warns you of collisions while driving!

We’ve seen quite a few augmented reality based games and apps for Android Smartphones but none of them were productive like iOnRoad Augmented Driving Android App does. iOnRoad is the BEST car safety app that can save you thousand dollar. Using your phone’s rear camera and real time image recognition algorithms the app auto recognizes the vehicle in front of you , measures time gap and warns you in case you’re in danger of crashing into it. Similar systems in Luxury cars will cost you more than $1,000 while iOnRoad is FREE!
iOnRoad Augmented Driving Android App was the WINNER of 2011 Mobile Summit App. The app even works in background means you can text, play music or run any other apps, when  a dangerous situation is detected, iOnRoad warns you with both audio and visual alerts. iOnRoad also provides a personal dashboard that displays all of your snapshots, alerts, and other driving data. With the iOnRoad snapshot assistant you can even take a picture of something you see on the road ahead. Social Network integration allows to share the taken snapshot and your driving achievements with friends and even challenge other drivers via Facebook and Twitter. Let’s watch below the video overview of iOnRoad Augmented Driving Android App:

Download iOnRoad Augmented Driving Android App



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