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Top 10 Blackberry Mobile Health Apps – Could save your life!

Smart phones such as the Blackberry have applications, or apps, available that range from games to business, needs to health. The health apps available for the Blackberry are not only useful for personal health goals, but also have the potential to save your life if an emergency occurs. Mobile health apps are either free or low cost, but the benefits make the apps worth any cost.

In Case of Emergency
The Blackberry app called In Case of Emergency, or I.C.E., is a convenient and potentially life-saving application. This app stores vital medical information such as your blood type, age, health conditions you might have, emergency contact information, your doctor’s name and number and any medications you are currently taking. It is designed for emergency situations where you might not be able to tell emergency personnel your information. They can access the data with a simple touch of the button.

Calorie Counter
Calorie Counter is a simple Blackberry app. The application allows owners to find out the number of calories in foods, track the foods they eat, track nutrition from the foods, keep a log of physical activity and follow weight loss goals. For anyone who struggles with fad diets, losing weight and getting healthy, this application will help.

Endomondo Sports Tracker
The Endomondo Sports Tracker app is a mobile personal coach and fitness trainer. This powerful app is designed to work with your exercise program and create a personalized method of reaching fitness goals. It uses the Blackberry’s GPS system to track walking, running, biking or any other activities where you move around an area. It also allows you to manually enter exercise like weight lifting for a total picture of your exercise habits. The audio coach provides you feedback to improve your fitness level for a complete tracking system.

Ovulation Days
Ovulation Days is a Blackberry app designed for women. This app uses data from a woman’s last menstrual cycle and the length of time between periods to determine the most likely time she might conceive a child. By showing the most fertile time of the month, a woman can determine the best time to get pregnant if she wants a pregnancy or if she wants to avoid a pregnancy.

Training Calendar
Training Calendar is a mobile health app that provides runners with a 12 week training calendar to gradually work up to a marathon race. This application requires anyone working through the training start with a physical fitness level that allows them to run around 3 miles or 5 kilometers on the first day, so you must have some physical fitness ability beforehand. It will improve running ability and gradually increase the length of the run.

Asthma Tracker
Asthma Tracker is the Blackberry app designed specifically for asthma sufferers. After an asthma attack, users put the attack in the app to keep track of the attacks. The app can then generate a graph showing when attacks occur, how often and the duration of the attack. It also shows the affect of medication and compares normal asthma with your asthma. Show the chart to your doctor and figure out what is triggering asthma with this app for better prevention and improved health.

Baby Diary
Baby Diary is designed for parents with young children. Parents enter information about their baby’s health such as doctor visits, which shots the baby has received and a log of milestones the baby achieves. It is designed to help parents keep track of both the cute memories and the important health details of a new child.

Blood Pressure Diary
High blood pressure or hypertension is often called the “silent killer” because it shows no symptoms before resulting in a heart attack or health problems. The Blood Pressure Diary app helps individuals keep track of their blood pressure and minimize the risk of developing hypertension. Simply fill in the blood pressure each time you check at a doctor’s office or at home. The diary generates charts showing your pressure that make it easier for you and your doctor to determine your heart health.

Burnout Check
Burnout Check is the app designed to prevent a physical burnout, otherwise known as physical exhaustion. This app requires a few answers to questions and then determines your burnout risk. It then shows where you have a risk of burnout, such as physical health or stress, so you are able to work on the specific problems you face and lower your burnout risk for better quality of life.

Complete Home First Aid Course
The Complete Home First Aid Course is a mobile app designed to help families determine what action to take in various types of medical emergencies while waiting for paramedics. It discusses items like burns, infections, shock, choking, CPR, when to avoid touching or moving a person, the use of an Epi Pen or similar situations that might arise. It is an all in one app that can save lives by providing emergency first aid.
All of these applications are useful to any Blackberry owner and might end up saving your life or the lives of others.

You can download these app from here

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